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Gilbert White (1720-1793)

Watching Birds Watching You


The song Bird Watching by The Albion Band was inspired by

 young Lester Holloway and his campaign to save Wormwood Scrubs Wood

Rose Finch [click for larger image]

related internet links

a UK based bird watching
site for collecting and sharing
 bird sightings and information
via an on-line diary.
start your own with this
really great website.

a section from the
 The Royal Society for the
Protection of Birds website.
a very handy guide to bird watching
in your own garden

The Monthly Web Magazine
for Bird-Watchers
packed full of facts and
information for all bird-watchers

brought to you by the
Fat Birder, and very nicely too

on the North Wales /
North-West England
border, this area is one of the
United Kingdom's premier birding
locations for wetland and shorebirds

A collection of bird photographs
taken by Sue Tranter.
these pictures are just wonderful to
look at, a truly great website.
all the images are
copyright Sue Tranter /
Sue's Bird Photos

The RSPB is the UK charity
working to secure a healthy
environment for birds and wildlife,
helping to create a better world
for us all.

In 2002 it was designated a
Local Nature Reserve. There
are organised walks to study
the richness of its wildlife. It
has a population of Common
Lizards, many varieties of butterfly
and attracts hundreds of
birdwatchers, as over 100
species have been spotted here. 

The Essex Birdwatching Society

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